The SFMUNI Cable car division has hosted a Holiday senior luncheon for the past 35+ years. For 15 of those years, that has included decorated cars on the Hyde, Mason, and California lines.  Local businesses have been sponsoring and decorating a car for the holiday season as well.

To read more about the senior luncheon..the main reason why we do all this here

We are looking forward to returning in 2021. We hope that the sponsors will be able to bounce back from this experience in 2020 and be able to participate again.  Below are some highlights from previous years.

2019: "Welcome to the party pal..."
In 2019 although we didn't add any new sponsors we were fortunate enough to have everyone return. Sponsors accepted the challenge and stepped up their decorating game.  Our amazing volunteers were energized and added a second Cal car (#57) to the decorating roster.  The biggest surprise was the shop staff joining the party.  They adopted Car #13 and added their own special touches.










2018: That was a fun season....

2018 was one of the best "seasons" we have had in a long time.  We had some great new sponsors last year join the party (The San Francsico Chronicle and Blazing Saddles) in addition to our regulars(Pacific Coast Flag,The Buena Vista Cafe, and Union Square Skating Rink.  Roger Marenco did an amazing job keeping the luncheon on track as we had nearly 200 guests at a new location..the West Bay Conference Center.

I asked our sponsors to talk about their experiences this year.  Read their tales here.

2015-2017: The Adoption of Spot 

In 2015 Val returned to the Mason line, which meant a different car to adopt for decorating.  Car 1 was chosen. This has been a true family effort as he has sponsored the decoration of the car himself with help from his family as well as other MUNI friends. The San Francisco Federal Credit Union also decorated a Cal line car

2014: On the Cal Line
In 2014, Val was working a Cal line run. His decorated car was sponsored by the Fairmont Hotel. We'd love to have them back as a sponsor in the future. Six other cars (Powell/Hyde cars 10.,13,21,26 and California Car 50 and 60) were adorned this year.

2012: MUNI's 100th Anniversary

2012 was the MUNI Centennial Celebration.  This was a banner year for the decorated fleet.  In addition to the MUNI car other sponsors included The Buena Vista, and Union Square Skating Rink, Uncle Vito's Pizzeria, Tiernan's Irish Cafe, Ghiardelli Chocolate, Scoma's Seafood Care, the Hyatt Regency Fisherman's Wharf and Embarcadero, and the San Francisco Symphony.

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