The Buena Vista Cafe: Car 25

Way back in 2004, when we were first approached to decorate a cable car for the holidays, we jumped at the chance! Been back ever since.

Cable Car Christmas embodies everything we love about the holiday season in San Francisco. The decorated cars delight the locals and enchant our visitors, who often point out our Buena Vista cable car as it passes by.

We take pride in knowing our sponsorship helps spread the festive spirit of gratitude and generosity.

Everyone on the BV staff looks forward to our Cable Car Christmas ride every year. We sing carols and toast each other as we climb halfway to the stars! It’s always a fun time and never fails to remind us how special San Francisco is and how lucky we are to live and work here. 

Cable Car Christmas has become part of our Buena Vista Café holiday tradition. We look forward to participating for many more years to come and encourage others to join us.