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What can I help you with today?


 Backup Solutions


Given the current "internet climate" of the malware/spyware/ransomsware out there, there is NO substitue for having a good backup procedure in place.  These days, an enrcrypted, off-site backup is the best way to secure your files.  Whether you are a home user looking to store those important family photos off-site, or a business that needs to establish a more reliable backup procedure, i can help with the implementation(either scheduled backups or a "set it and forget it" philosophy), providing you with peace of mind.

Read more about Carbonite's offerings here

Windows 10/Office 365 upgrades



Are you ready to upgrade your home /office computer(s) to Windows 10 but not sure what to do next? ask me how.


Do you understand all the options involved with Office 365? As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, i can point you in the right direction for the proper subscription to meet your needs.



Workstation/Server Support




What do you need assistance with?

  • One-time malware or virus removal?

  • Occasional "on-call" support?

  • Help with that project you've been meaning to get to, but just haven't had time?

  • Does your office have an upgrade project that needs to be carried out? or need on-going support?

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