• Jeremy Whiteman

Transit Driver Appreciation Day 2021

We are now a full year later and have arrived at another Transit Driver Appreciation Day. While San Francisco and surrounding counties have unfortunately ridden the "opening up" and "closing down" rollercoaster, MUNI has been running every day. They've continued to be on the frontlines moving us around the city. For that they all deserve a big THANK YOU!

Personally i am extremely grateful for the photographic opportunities many of these operators have provided me over the years. They have been instrumental in helping me polish my skills. I can not tell you how much i appreciate all that you have done. Unfortunately i have not been able to take many photos over the past year but i'd like to share some of the faces who have given me those opportunities. It's hard to tell whether or not they are having fun at their job :)

My slideshow creating skills seem kind of weak at the moment so please enjoy the photos by clicking this link: Transit Driver Appreciation Day 2021

To all of you in the pictures including all the shop and maintenance staff that work so hard to service and maintain these vehicles (and those of you not in them too)...this photographer appreciates you. #TDAD2021

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