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#TotalMuni2018 - you never know until you ask, right?

So I don't know how many of you are on Twitter (or were on Monday 4/30) but two enterprising Chronicle reporters (Peter Hartlaub and Heather Knight) were attempting to recreate a stunt pulled by Giants CEO Larry Baer and a college friend in 1980 by riding every MUNI line. It was the most captivating social media day for me since #batkid.

Now if you are going to ride every line, that includes the cable cars, right? Since there is a Giants connection here...and there IS a car decorated in honor of the Giants 60th season here in San Francisco, i reached out to see if they wouldn't mind telling me when their schedule would have them hit the cable car lines.

The plan was to take the very first Hyde car from Powell and Market....huh...we might be able to work with that.

For those of you that don't ride the cable cars at odd hours of the day, they are a vital mode of transportation for hotel and other industry workers along the lines so those early morning (and late evening) runs are crucial. It just so happened I was able to find out who the crew is and with some behind the scenes assistance was able to have Car 24 fill that run. They were advised they'd have some VIP's onboard.

Just before 6am, the Giants special made it's way down to Powell and Market. Gripman Tali Faatoafe and Conductor Duane Allen were very patient waiting for the VIP guests(ed note: we did leave on time!).

CableCar 24 decorated to honor the Giants 60th season in San Francisco

Once Peter, Heather, and Jessica arrived, we made our introductions and they boarded the car. Val had some swag for Heather's son (after all he was the other inspiration for this great adventure!) and before we left Peter asked Duane to cross Powell-Hyde off the list.

We joined them for their cable car portion. They rode up to California St, took a Cal car down one stop, then walked back up to Powell to catch the first Mason car back down to Market St. It was just our luck that the first Mason Car was Car 26...Maybelle! (the link will take you to a bit more about why the car is called Maybelle)

When we arrived back at Powell and Market, we took a quick picture of the three weary travelers and they continued on their mission. We are very glad we had an opportunity to join you for part of your adventure. (they did admit we were the first friendly faces they saw that morning...). We did join them later for the F-line portion.

That's a very long day on MUNI...but they got 'em all!

Peter and Heather....congratulations on completing the mission! We hope the beer was cold, the shower was hot, and the sleep was restful.

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