• Jeremy Whiteman

The Wizards of Woods (Division)

While there has not been streetcar service on Market St, the buzzing of the cable car rope on the Powell, Mason, and California St lines have been quiet, and we have all been "quarantining"...restoration work must continue. I had the opportunity to combat a little shelter-in-place fatigue and pay a visit to the Woods Carpentry Shop. The "wizards" there are hard at work rebuilding Powell Car #8 and Cal Car #55. To provide a little background on each (info courtesy of the Market Street Railway website, and historical photos from the Val Lupiz collection)

Car 8 was last rebuilt in 1958. It was disassembled after severe rot was found.

This is the current state. It's the first time i have seen the car in maybe a year. The last time I was there, the car was nothing more than a frame with a brake pedal sticking out of it.

Car 55 was actually originally Car 8 as well. It was painted in green and cream as an experiment in 1952 and was renumbered in 1957.

The scaffolding was around the so i couldn't get a great photo of the outside, but again if you look inside...the view is stunning. I have been told the car is going to be painted in the green and cream scheme again. How cool will that be to have such a unique look on the Cal line?

The attention to detail of Andrew McCarron and his team is impressive to say the least. It's exciting to see so much progress since the last time i was there. I can't wait for my next visit and to see the next round of progress. I asked if all things being equal is there an estimated finish line for these two...He seems to think the end of the year is a possibility! Stay tuned!

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