• Jeremy Whiteman

Saying thanks to the guys behind the scenes...

During all the hoopla of the Heritage Weekend Festivities, a "brand new" cable car entered it's first day of revenue service.

Car 23 leaving on it's first inbound revenue trip on Sat Sept 8th

I know many of you saw some of these Car 23 photos during the "shakeout run" a few weeks ago, but i wanted to take a minute to acknowledge and thank MANY of the amazing individuals who are truly dedicated to their work.

From carpenters, to machinists, to pattern makers, to painters...these guys should be applauded for their amazing skills.

I don't know if i have all the names...but here are a handful of those involved in the Car 23 masterpiece:

Andrew McCarron, John Mallia, Joseph Byrne, Bryant Cao, Antoni (Pete) Cunha, He Du, Jonrussell Federico, Luis Ferreira, Danny Hicks, Todd Hurley, Maximillian Luna, Keith McCombs, Guillermo Sanchez, Mark Sobichevsky, and William Werner

Many got a chance to enjoy the ride during the "shakeout run" last month prior to entering service.

So a small "thank you" to all those involved in the rebuild of this car...and i hope the next time you ride this car you take a minute to appreciate all that was done to get it back to what you see in front of you.

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