• Jeremy Whiteman

#MissionMiami - latepost

Yes, this is a late post...and sorry 49ers fans i know you are still smarting from last weekend's meltdown. Some of you may not have known about the latest adventure of the cablecar elves.

We did Car #24 in honor of the Giants 60th season in San Francisco and also did a car for the Warriors during their championship run. As the 49ers marched towards Miami an inquiry was made if we would do a car for the 49ers. We did...car 49 appropriately (and also to show the Cal line some love) as well as Car #26 (Maybelle). Ironically, this was the 49ers 26th post-season appearance (if the fun fact given to me was correct)

Our friends at the San Francisco Chronicle were alerted to our efforts. Heather Knight came over for a visit and a great video was made by Erika Carlos which was tweeted out.

It would have been more fun to keep the car decorated for a parade...but it was fun getting some new faces involved.

Enjoy the video

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