• Jeremy Whiteman

Mission Accomplished!!

Today was a big step towards an added bonus for the upcoming MUNI Heritage Weekend plans.

Car 42 has been a regular visitor to the California St Line each year, but only once in 2016 did it make a trip down to Hyde and Beach. That was the first time in over 60 years it had been there...

Well today was the next time! (in hopes of a repeat performance that weekend)

With numerous cable car division personnel on board...and Val Lupiz manning the grip...the car performed flawlessly as it got out there and back without issues.

and a little bonus footage crossing to Hyde and Beach (yes it's in slow motion...been having some fun with that setting lately...but trust me, watch them with your sound on...)

and the final movement back to the Barn

The details for the weekend are still being worked on...but we look forward to seeing you on Sept 8 and 9

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