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"Welcome to the party pal..."

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

In the spirit of the holiday season, PLEASE tell me you read that line in your best Die Hard / John McClain voice! and if you didn't....why not?!

I continue to realize I am a very fortunate member of the MUNI railfan community. Today was no exception. It was the release day for "Lucky 13" on its return to service. I have been able to see it in the barn but when we all got a chance to see it out in daylight....wow...just wow...

After a final few wipe downs from Dan Hicks, and with Val at the grip, the car was ready to roll.

The first trip was a VIP outing to Market St, then the Wharf and back. It gave the guys in the shop a chance to take a ride and admire their handiwork. It also gave us a chance for...photo ops! :)

In the spirit of #CableCarChristmas as well you can see some holiday decor was added.

This group does some amazing work!

pictured from L-to-R: Charles Jones (conductor), Val Lupiz (gripman), Arne Hansen, James Flores, Henry Pegueros, Dan Hicks, Brian Cao, and Pete Cunhaus

I hope you all have a chance to see the car in person and admire the meticulous work done to get the car to look as amazing as it does today. The commitment to their craft these guys below show in the work is second to none. I am sure I speak for those of you reading when i say "Thank you!"

(photos courtesy Frank Zepeda)

Please check out my full compliment of photos from today here: Lucky 13

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