• Jeremy Whiteman

Fun on Social Media...

I hope all of you had a very enjoyable Christmas wherever and however you celebrated it...

December was a very fun month tracking #CableCarChristmas on social media...

The #ChronicleCableCar search got off to a slow start, but there have been more and more sightings in the past week. There was a bit of a following on Instagram, but i think most of those posts were mine :)

I tried to use #CableCarChristmas both on Instagram and Twitter. I was helped out TREMENDOUSLY by the social media folks from The Buena Vista and Blazing Saddles that had some fun and ran with some of my posts....(Thank You!!!)

I hope you guys enjoyed following the Christmas cars this year...We had a blast this year sharing it with you and we look forward to bringing you more projects in 2019!

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