• Jeremy Whiteman

Gung Hay Fat Choy! #YearofthePig

We are baaaaack.....

If i remember correctly, i think this may be the anniversary of the Tales of the Rails blog beginnings....

The decorating minions decided once again to decorate a Powell and California Line car for Chinese New Year. We chose Car #11 and #56 this year because they weren't released for service yet last year and #25 and #57 got all the love last year.

We were able to decorate both cars in a day...and in between the raindrops over the past few days have finally been able to catch some views on the streets.

A BIG thank you to Traci Cox for allowing me to repost some of his amazing shots of Car #11

and i got a few earlier this week of #56

The cars will be decorated until the parade....if you get a chance to see either or these cars and or ride one...please be sure to take a photo and tag TalesoftheRails on Instagram...or Views from the Grip and Behind the Lens on Facebook

#HappyNewYear #YearofthePig

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