• Jeremy Whiteman

Warriors....come out and play....

The next Tales of the Rails collaboration project has arrived. We got some great feedback from both the Chinese New Year's Decorations as well as when we adorned Car 24 for the Giants 60th season in San Francisco. We are starting to get our ducks in a row for the upcoming 2018 Christmas Season (yes the Senior Holiday Luncheon WILL be happening this year!), but there was one more event we wanted to recognize before the holidays rolled around....

Tuesday 10/16 marked the return to action of your defending World Champion Golden State Warriors!! This is also the last season for the team in Oakland as they will be moving to the Chase Center in San Francisco in 2019.

Val Lupiz, Frank Zepeda, and myself decided to decorate Car 16 (after all it is Blue and gold). It was a scramble to find some decorations as the Warriors are quite a popular team around here....but we got it done. We must also thank Pacific Coast Flag who has produced Warriors flags as well. They will be on the cable cars in the upcoming weeks.

Please enjoy the slideshow below with some scenes from our decorating efforts as well as a few shots on the road on Wed Oct 17.

please enjoy a few clips as the car rolls down Hyde St

as well as a moment on the Hyde St Turntable

I hope if you guys get a chance to ride the car you take a minute to appreciate the work put into it..We hope to have it up for a while and it will be a good lead-in to the upcoming Christmas decorating season!

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