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#CableCarChristmas Elves...assemble!

This post isn't about the pictures...(although there will be plenty of them this month!). Val Lupiz, Frank Zepeda, and I wanted to take a minute to express our sincere thanks to everyone who came out to help decorate this year!

First and foremost I have to thank Arne Hansen and his very patient shop staff for letting us work in around all the activities on a regular work day. Their help with the roof signage was invaluable. This is a public operation, but their assistance (and work to keep the decorated cars out as often as possible) is greatly appreciated. It started with the Union Square Skating Rink crew then James Giraudo and the Pacific Coast Flag crew decorating Cars 22, 49, and 26.

The Blazing Saddles crew came in and got Car 11 done this year and added a few things that impressed us all.

I know i was not part of last weekend's decorating so i missed a few names, but this past Saturday and Sunday we had an army come in to help us finish up.

On Saturday we were joined by Peter Hartlaub, Heather Knight and their families as they got started on Car 1 along with members of Val's family. We were also joined by Cyndy Poon, Jeremy Fish, Freddy Levy, and Adolfo Echeverry who were instrumental in getting a second California Line Cable Car (#57) added to the decorated fleet.

Cyndy returned for a little while on Sunday along with Heather Fraoch, Andra Young, Diana Brito, Allegra Kelly, George Horsfall, and Chris Devine. Not only did they finish up #57 but added a bit to Car 49, 25, and helped Val (and his wife Judy) complete Car #1! The Buena Vista Cafe and San Francisco Chronicle cars are now ready to hit the streets!

There WILL be photos during the month of December :) (I don't think any of you are surprised about that). All of the sponsors have stepped up their game this year so i will be launching a photo contest shortly. Details will be posted here.

Although all cars should be on the street as of today, Wednesday morning will be the "official" rollout of #CableCarChristmas. Stay tuned.

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