• Jeremy Whiteman

#CableCarChristmas...COVID-19 style...

Let's face it...2020 has been a dud of a year...We are all dealing with some form or another of quarantine-fatigue...The COVID spike is wreaking havoc on everyone's Thanksgiving plans..this isn't fun right now.

This is also around the time when #CableCarChristmas starts taking shape and the elves begin decorating cable cars for the holiday season. Unfortunately they are still not on the road, however thanks to MUNI, one has been on display Tue/Thurs/Sat at Powell and Market and starting today (Sat 11/21) there will be a similar schedule at the Hyde and Beach terminal.

The elves started working today. Since there isn't going to be any cable cars to ride, the decorating will be minimal but by decorating the exteriors, hopefully we can shine a little light for the next six months.

Be on the lookout soon for our next rendition of #CableCarChristmas...COVID style....say hello to the crews...take a picture...and we hope it brings a smile.

Happy Holidays!!!

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