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The crew behind the scenes...

There has been so much great publicity this week now that Sacramento and Clay "Big 19" has successfully completed it's maiden voyage on the Hyde and Mason lines (in addition to the previous test(s) on the California Line). A big thank you needs to go out to MANY members of the shop staff that have worked so hard behind the scenes in these efforts. Additional thanks to the members of management that have been supportive of the efforts as well.

Pictured from L to R: Arne Hansen, Wes Valaris, Antoni (Pete) Cunha, Danny Hicks, Henry Pegueros, and Harry Stewart (those that made the maiden voyage)

Many of the gentleman in these photos have been working hard during the various tests and correcting issues that were found. There were multiple tests done:

The car was tested at the pull-out and pull-in gates.

It was then towed on the California Line for a trip during the overnight hours.

It then made a trip "under it's own power" (on the grip) during the overnight hours. The first time it "ran" in 77 years!

A "certification trip" needed to be made. Last, but by no means least, it completed the maiden voyage on the Mason and Hyde lines.

Here are a few moments of the guys "behind the scenes" enjoying the various trips!

From the one person's point of view, THANK YOU for all of your maintenance, restoration, and testing. The car looks AMAZING, appeared to have run very well, and you guys deserve all the credit for your efforts to bring "Big 19" back to life.

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