• Jeremy Whiteman

"Best Dressed" of 2019

Wednesday December 4th will mark the unofficial "rollout" of the 2019 edition of #CableCarChristmas. Every sponsor is back this year and they all stepped up their game. Additionally our volunteer elves decorated a California Car on their own adding to our Christmas fleet this year. I was trying to figure out a way to say thank you to everyone for their commitment to the decorations...then i thought...why not let each of you decide?!

What i am asking is for you photographers to get out there during the month of December and take pictures!!! If you post on Instagram or Twitter, please add @talesoftherails - if you are on Facebook you can post to Views from the Grip or Behind the Lens. The most important part will be the hashtags (including the car number) so we know which car you are voting for! Examples are below(and you can always use #CableCarChristmas by default):

#ChronicleCableCar #SFChronicle #Car1

#BlazingSaddles #BiketheBridge #Car11

#UnionSquareSkatingRink #Car22

#TheBuenaVistaCafe #BV #BuenaVista #Car25

#PacificCoastFlag #PCF #Maybelle #Car26

#PacificCoastFlag #PCF #Car49

#TalesoftheRails #Car57

At the end of the Christmas season i will track all the photos/hashtags/votes and present a fun prize to the sponsor with the most "popular" car.

Happy hunting! Happy shooting! I can't wait to see your photos!

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