• Jeremy Whiteman

Welcome home!!!

Saturday June 16th marks the start of the new "general sign-up" for SFMUNI operations. This is also the first day of operation for #FMarket and #Eline service in three years in-and-out of their "proper" home, the Cameron Beach Yard.

In October of 2011, the Geneva Yard was renamed in honor of Cameron Beach. I can't even begin to explain how important he was to MUNI, Market Street Railway, and what we are experiencing today on the E and F lines.

I actually met him by chance one day, while riding 737 back when Robert Parks was still an operator. Some friends from the Seashore Trolley Museum were in town, and we were on a pull-in ride when suddenly from the railfan seat we heard ("wait, are you the guys from Seashore?"). My friends were a bit surprised (this was back when we all used the SFMUNI Yahoo group and that's where he had read about Seashore invading). We got to talking, which partially contributed to my involvement with Market Street Railway (serving a few years on the Board), and i am very glad i had the chance to get to know him. His presence is very much missed around here.

In June of 2014, the fleet was moved down to the Metro East facility to accommodate a track project next door at Green Division as space was needed for LRV storage. That project was supposed to take 18 months. Four years later it's finally done, and the cars have moved back and will now be pulling in and out from Beach Yard. This also means more photographic opportunities for the railfans again!

The best news of all though is that the cars are back under covered storage..where they belong!

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