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A Festive Day on Hyde St

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Days like today are great for photographs...but terrible for any productivity :)

The final touches were put on the last car that needed work done yesterday. Today, whether by chance or planned...by late in the morning all of the participants of #CableCarChristmas were running on the Hyde line.

This gave me a great chance to get some photos in GOOD weather as well as some multiple decorated cars in the same shot.

With the Senior Holiday Luncheon set for tomorrow, this was a fun way to get ready for it. Here's a little recap of what you guys will see (and hopefully photograph!) for the rest of the month. Car 1 is sponsored by The San Francisco Chronicle. Heather Knight and Peter Hartlaub..the two reporters that were the driving force behind #TotalMUNI2018. They came in on 12/11 and added some "Chronicle touches" to the car.

Car 11 is sponsored by Blazing Saddles. They are a first-time sponsor and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing their car rolling up and down on Hyde St.

We partnered with Market Street Railway this year and it was only fitting they decorated Car 12.

The Union Square Skating Rink has been a long-time sponsor. They were happy to decorate Car 23, the most recently restored car that has been added to the fleet.

The Buena Vista is a favorite of the cable crews as well as a "must stop" for tourists. They have also been a regular supporter and have decorated Car 25 the past two years.

Last...but definitely not least...is Maybelle (Car 26). It's one of two cars (the other being California Car 56) sponsored by James Giraurdo of Pacific Coast Flag.

I hope everyone has an opportunity to ride and take pictures of these cars. Alot of work was done by MANY volunteers involved. If you take pictures please add #cablecarchristmas to the post. Also, if you see car 1, please add #ChronicleCableCar for any twitter or Instagram posts as they are running a contest of their own.

You can see more of the #CableCarChristmas photography at these sites:




Happy Holidays!

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